Just A Vibe | 2017 January 23
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January 2017

Thanks to a presidential administration that defends "alternative facts" as something other than just a synonym for lies, fake news and the intentional spread of misinformation is on the rise. Recently, a few researchers from Cambridge, Yale, and George Mason University decided to study the way people succumb...

Getting Tex-Mex-y with the best of 'em

Crispy tortilla chips and melted cheese make nachos a superb snack but, done right, the indulgent treat can also amount to a serious meal. The dish is generally found on the appetizer section of...

“The best [pasta] I’ve had so far in the U.S.”

Chef Fabio Trabocchi and his wife, Maria Trabocchi, opened their newest pasta-focused home to the public last month.

The Van Ness restaurant is the fourth D.C. location from the pair, located at...